Plays Wednesday, February 19 at 7:00 PM at the Michigan! Free and open to the public! Please RSVP to guarantee your seat!

This documentary tells the story of the Americans who are fighting against one of the largest-known polluters in the country — the United States military. For decades, it’s been documented that a category of chemicals known as PFAS are harmful to life, yet the military continues to mandate its use at hundreds of sites across the country, contaminating surface water and drinking water. With no plan in place to clean it up, the Department of Defence is instead pressuring regulators to keep this toxin legal. No Defense highlights the people who are suffering, who are blowing the whistle, and who are fighting The United States military’s war on water.

Documentary. 120 min. Including Panel Discussion. NR.

No Defense is directed by Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist Sara Ganim. Produced by Emmy-award winning journalist Lennart Bourin. Executive Producer Robert P. Ufer.

Film will be followed by a Filmmaker panel discussion.