Part of the Penny Stamps Speaker Series. Free to the public!

Based in Los Angeles, Lauren Bon is an artist who works with architecture, performance, photography, sound, and farming to create urban, public, and land art projects to galvanize social and political transformation. These “devices of wonder,” as she describes her work, are produced from her creative practice space, Metabolic Studio. With a heart for self-sustaining and self-diversifying systems, Bon seeks to inspire and uncover ways of regeneration over consumer waste. Not a Cornfield (2005–2006) turned a 32-acre brownfield in the historic center of Los Angeles into a state park; Bon’s Strawberry Flag (2009–2010) was an aquaponic strawberry farm raised at an under-purposed property that was deeded to be a home for veterans in 1888. Her 2007 work AgH20 spanned 240 miles, reconnecting the city of LA with the natural elements that made it viable: the mined mountains of the Owens Valley.

Her studio’s current project, Bending the River Back into the City, utilizes Los Angeles’s first private water right to create a commons and allows the exchange of water to create social capital.

Co-presented with the Community of Food, Society and Justice Conference, October 17-18. This conference will engage students, faculty, staff, farmers, and the community in rigorous dialogue around the challenges of meeting the nutritional needs of our communities, while also protecting the planet, promoting healthy lives, and ensuring food justice. The conference is free and open to the public, thanks to its co-sponsors: the U-M Residential College, East Quad Garden, Michigan Dining, U-M Sustainable Food Systems Initiative, U-M Sustainable Food Program, U-M Campus Farm, Knight Wallace House, U-M Program in the Environment, Michigan Law Environmental Law and Policy Program, U-M Museum of Anthropological Archaeology, and the Penny Stamps Distinguished Speakers Series.