Imagine if Quentin Tarantino had directed Napoleon Dynamite—that might give an insight into the offbeat raucousness and punk sensibility of Adam Carter Rehmeier‘s Dinner In America.

This deliriously combative misfit love story stars Kyle Gellner (star of the new CBS All Access series Interrogation) as a punk rocker on the lam who teams up with his biggest fan, played by Tony Award nominee Emily Skeggs, to cut a swathe of foul-mouthed destruction through Detroit’s suburbs.

Also starring Mary Lynn Rajskub and Lea Thompson, Dinner In America is “infectiously high-energy” according to Variety, while Hollywood Reporter calls it “a throwback to grungy-edgy youth movies from the late 1980s-’90s — like the ones Gregg Araki used to make, but with a more mainstream-friendly warmth underneath all the sneering.”

Drama/Music. 106 min. NR.

Join us for a post-screening Q&A with director Adam Carter Rehmeier and special guests.

Dinner In America features very strong language throughout. Viewer discretion is advised.

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