Tuesday, October 1 at 9:00 PM at the Michigan.

This film festival favorite was shot in Persian in the San Joaquin Valley, in brooding and beautiful black & white. It is often (accurately) described as a Western-vampire-noir. Gender revenge themes and mild violence. In Persian with English subtitles.

Dir: Ana Lily Amirpour

USA. 2014. 101 mins. Part of Halaloween: A Muslim Horror Film Fest.

Co-sponsored by The Digital Islamic Studies Curriculum & The Department of Middle Eastern Studies.

The Global Islamic Studies Center aims to promote the understanding of global Islamic culture and Muslim societies worldwide. This year we launch our first ever Muslim horror film fest. Halaloween asks: What scares Muslim audiences? How do horror movies conceived for a Muslim public transform the familiar tropes that Hollywood and Hammer horror taught us? How do Muslim directors of horror movies use the genre to investigate gender and family tensions, social injustice and political oppression, demographic change and social unrest? Are horror movies halal (permissible in Islamic law)? Why so many jinn – and where are the Muslim zombies? Use the hashtag #Halaloween to follow and discuss!

For more information, visit https://ii.umich.edu/islamicstudies