Our annual Towsley Society Celebration is

going virtual!


Admission to this event is free

Our annual Towsley Society celebration is by far the Michigan Theater Foundation’s most important fundraiser event of the year. This year we will be celebrating virtually and we hope you and your family and friends will join us!

Since March, the Michigan Theater Foundation has lost over $1.1 million in film and rental revenue. Moreover, the cost of general operations at both the Michigan and State theaters grows each year, as does the value of our presence as an economic driver for downtown Ann Arbor.

As the community rallied around Margaret Towsley and our organists to preserve the historic Michigan Theater from being turned into a food court back in 1979, we ask you now to please rally again with us to help ensure that the Michigan Theater and State Theatre survive well into the future.

This year’s Towsley Society Celebration will include:

An update from our CEO Russ Collins, on the Michigan and State theaters and the Cinetopia Film Festival and the impact of COVID-19 on our current operations as well as our plans for how we will reopen.

Inspirational testimonials from members of our community about how the Michigan Theater Foundation has made a difference in their lives:

  • Nicolas Lozada, a local high school student and former participant of our Young Filmmakers Film Camp. Nicolas’ story is truly moving and is sure to be a highlight of this year’s events.
  • Praveena Ramaswami, Community Relations Lead at Toyota R&D. Praveena and Toyota support our Family Programming and new health and safety features at both theaters.

And much more!