Reggae Boyz

Plagued with poverty and violence, Jamaica tries to inspire its populace by qualifying their national soccer team – the “Reggae Boyz” – for the 2014 World Cup. On the soccer field Jamaica’s big dream comes crashing to a halt. After a devastating losing streak, the coaching staff resigns. To revitalize the mission, Jamaica hires the colorful Winfried Schäfer, a journeyman coach who is known in his native Germany as ‘Winnie Wahnsinn’ (‘Wacky Winnie’). Seeking knowledge about the local culture and sensing how much music and soccer are intertwined in Jamaica, Winnie meets the local newcomer band ‘Nomaddz’ and visits Bunny Wailer – the lone survivor of ‘Bob Marley and the Wailers’. Bunny introduces him to the ‘benefits of herb’ and suggests that his team’s fortunes will change if he put Tuffy, an amateur player with dreams of playing on the national team, on the team. Winnie complies and is promptly rewarded when Tuffy scores a last-minute goal that keeps the campaign alive a little longer.

While Jamaica’s World Cup dreams don’t come true in the end, Tuffy’s goal and his courage to keep a dream alive, against all odds, inspires Jamaicans of all stripes and sets the national team on a path to success that culminates with Winnie coaching Jamaica to their first-ever Gold Cup Final.

In Jamaican Patois and English with English subtitles.

2019. 75 minutes. Documentary. NR.

“Without a doubt one of the funnest and most entertaining documentaries in years.”

“The easy touch of this film never conceals that at its core this is about the struggle of the third world.”

Süddeutsche Zeitung

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