Quarantine Cat Film Festival

Amateur filmmakers from around the world filmed their beloved cats during COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. This compilation reel from over 1,200 submissions brings together the cutest, funniest, bravest and most loving of these videos, exclusively filmed during the pandemic.

The purpose of this festival is to raise money for independent movie theaters, with the help of everyone’s cats. So not only will you get to watch a fantastic cat movie, but through your ticket purchase, cats will help save independent cinema. Ticket revenue will help ensure these locally owned, independently run cinemas can survive the COVID-19 crisis until reopening.

The winners haven’t been announced yet. The videos will be judged in four categories: Cutest, Funniest, Bravest, and Most Loving. There will be a Best Of Show award as well. The videos will be judged by cat experts who are very opinionated. The cash prize amounts will be determined closer to the film’s release. Winners will be notified before the release of the film and identified in the film.

Click Here for a Sneak Preview!

70 min. Comedy. NR.

Rent Online - $12

Available now

30 Days to watch, 72 hours to finish once started

This Film Supports the Theater!

This film is being provided by our friends at Film Rise/Row House. 50% of the ticket proceeds will benefit the Michigan Theater Foundation!

Tech Support!

Check out or FAQ guide on how to watch your rental on your TV. For any additional questions or concerns about your purchase, please contact: boxoffice@michtheater.org.
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