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Aviva, the character, is a young Parisian who develops an online romance with a New Yorker named Eden. After a long-distance courtship they meet in person, fall in love, and eventually marry. The two lovers are played by four different dancers/actors simultaneously. During their growing relationship, the lovers grapple with their shifting masculine and feminine sides battling for primacy—both inside and outside their bodies. Their struggle finds expression through movement as well as dialogue.

Aviva captures our restless, frenzied and fluid time, demystifying the male-female dynamic and laying it bare like never before. Writer-director Boaz Yakin (Fresh, A Price Above Rubies, Remember the Titans) has crafted a relationship movie that exists in its own category, exploring the gender dynamics within two unforgettable characters who refuse to be contained by standard definitions, putting their relationship to the ultimate test.

An official selection of the 2020 SXSW Film Festival.

116 minutes. Drama/Dance/Romance. NR.

“A freewheeling blend of dance and surrealist interrogations of gender identity…entrancing.”


Boaz Yakin’s movie is fresh in two ways: in its questioning of gender, and in its use of dance as a primary mode of expression.”

New York Times

“Its leaps and transitions are often mind-bending…illuminating and expansive.”

The Hollywood Reporter

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