About the Barton Pipe Organ

The Michigan Theater has one of only a handful of historic pipe organs that remains in its original home. Now nearly 100 years old, the Barton has been played almost daily since 1972, and currently provides audiences with a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience before movies, lectures, and concerts, as well as accompanying screenings of classic silent films several times per year.
  • "This irreplaceable and historic instrument is a local and national treasure. Future generations deserve to hear the Barton Pipe Organ in all of its glory." -Henry Aldridge, Head Organist
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Help Preserve Our Active Barton Pipe Organ

Despite careful maintenance, almost 100 years of regular use took its toll on our Barton Pipe Organ. In early 2014, it became clear that our Barton needed to be rebuilt and restored to its former splendor. The organ keyboard and console were removed from the theater in June 2014 and were taken apart, cleaned, repaired and meticulously re-assembled. The organ returned to the Michigan Theater in October of 2014. During the summers of 2018 and 2019, the Barton’s pipes and two chambers underwent the same level of serious repair and restoration. 

Help us continue to protect this musical gem, which saved the Michigan Theater from being turned into a food court in the 80s, and ensure that the Barton continues to be an active part of the Michigan Theater experience!


How Can You Help Preserve The Magic And The Music?

The total cost for the restoration of the Michigan Theater’s Barton Pipe Organ was approximately $250,000. Many compassionate and generous individuals contributed to this expense and we are forever grateful.

We can still use your support in preserving this musical gem and keeping it playing for future generations of Michigan Theater-goers.

To Make a Gift

Visit our donation page here, or contact Lee Berry to discuss a multi-year pledge.