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KURO: The Dark Edge of Japanese Filmmaking

kuro-web-headerMondays at 7:00 PM beginning January 16.

CURATORIAL STATEMENT: An informal play on the American medium, Japanese Noir eschews the structure, grit and pulpiness of its original Western machinations.  Here instead, the genre pushes artistic and creative boundaries, while grappling with post-war culture change; the smoke stacks and the guns are one and the same, the Emperor has been replaced by “The Boss,” with the anticipated masculine energy containing feminine cunning and resourcefulness to further the plot with its maneuvers from vengeance to redemption.   Tough talking, hardboiled bluntness is met head on with moments of quiet, reserved and thoughtful action.

But whether it’s American or Japanese, there is always a universal feeling of isolation, a misunderstood “hero” looking for inner peace, and good people caught in bad situations.

The films delivered within this series celebrate the visionaries who saw deeper inside these stories and into their characters to offer some of the most memorable and iconic scenes of foreign cinema.

Take a walk down the steamy, sinister side streets of underworld Japan with sumptuous offerings such as PALE FLOWER and BRANDED TO KILL while casting a colorful, clandestine eye towards more modern interpretations within current day with ICHI THE KILLER and THE WORLD OF KANAKO, illustrating the lasting appeal of this genre, its evolution and how the characters have reached almost mythic proportions.

KURO: The Dark Edge of Japanese Filmmaking showcases what Noir can truly feel like outside its own preconceived notions, wrestling with the cultural “who” by breathing new life into what have become tropes in its American film equivalent and offering a unique, culturally relevant portrait of Japan, seen through a lens of shadow and depth.

All film presented in Japanese with English subtitles.

Keep checking back for updates to the schedule and potential late-breaking additions taking us on this unique, shadowy path of Japanese Noir.

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