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The Family-Friendly Film Series

The Toyota Family-Friendly Film Series, presented by the Benard L. Maas Foundation.

FREE for kids 12 & under – Sundays at 1:30 pm.

Check back for upcoming additions to the rest of the film series! 

The Princess Bride

Posted by on Sep 17, 2012 in Family Friendly Films, Films | Comments Off

The Princess Bride

Sunday, September 21 at 1:30 pm. Part of the Benard L. Maas Family-Friendly Film Series, presented by Toyota. FREE for kids 12 and under! Based on William Goldman‘s novel of the same name, The Princess Bride is staged as a book read by grandfather (Peter Falk) to his ill grandson (Fred Savage). Falk’s character assures a romance-weary Savage that the book has much more to deliver than a simpering love story, including but not limited to fencing, fighting, torture, death, true love, giants, and pirates. Indeed, The Princess Bride...

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