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Legends of Rock & Roll

The Michigan Theater is proud to present this ongoing series of special concerts featuring the true giants of rock & roll and related genres. Prior seasons have included such artists as Bonnie Raitt, Carly Simon, Stephen Stills, Brian Wilson, B.B. King, Elvis Costello & the Imposters, Joe Jackson, Todd Rundgren and many more.

Members of the theater’s Backstage Club receive prime seating to these concerts along with pre-show dinners and dessert receptions during intermission. Click here to learn more about this exciting program.



The Rides

TheRides-610pxMay 6, 2016 

Breaking more fresh new blues-rock ground than ever on their raucous and soulful new album Pierced Arrow, The Rides are letting their growing legion of fans know they’re in this for the long haul. Their ongoing freewheeling journey is all there in the name. When they came up with that clever moniker for what Stephen Stills calls “the blues band of my dreams,” the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, five time Grammy nominated guitar great Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Chicago rock/blues keyboardist Barry Goldberg knew it was more than just a one time, multi-generational fusion of legendary musical souls. They envisioned – and have since set out upon – a dynamic, wide open road ahead.

The trio laid the simmering groundwork for all this by calling their debut album Can’t Get Enough – because once they started writing, recording and jamming together, they couldn’t. Just before its release, Stills said, “As good as I think The RIDES are now, we can’t wait to get some live gigs under our belt.” Goldberg echoed, “As proud as we are of the album, fans are going to see something even more exciting from us when we start playing these songs live.” And they did. Those few wild months of touring the U.S. – combined with hitting the Top 40 on the Billboard 200, and a nomination for Best Rock Blues Album at the 2014 Blues Music Awards – sealed the deal. They were in it for the long haul.


The Fab Faux: The Beatles’ Movie Music from A Hard Day’s Night to Let It Be

April 16, 2016 fabfauxcolors_FOR_EMAIL_thumb.jpg

Get ready for the Beatles concert that never happened – until now. The Fab Faux are to the Beatles what the Vienna Philharmonic is to Beethoven: the best interpreters in the business. Following their successes of the last five years, The Fab Faux return to the Michigan Theater on Saturday, April 16, 2016 at 8 PM to perform the hit songs from The Beatles’ various films, from A Hard Day’s Night to Let it Be.

The group includes outstanding New York studio musicians – and lifelong Beatles fans – Will Lee (bassist in David Letterman’s band), Jimmy Vivino (guitarist and music director of Conan O’Brien’s band), drummer/producer Rich Pagano, guitarist Frank Agnello and ace keyboardist Jack Petruzzelli.

With a commitment to the accurate reproduction of The Beatles’ repertoire, The Fab Faux treat the seminal music with unwavering respect, and are known for their painstaking recreations of the songs (with emphasis on the later works never performed live by the Beatles). Far beyond a cover band, they play the music of The Beatles so impeccably that one must experience it to believe it.

An Evening With Mark Knopfler & Band

mark knopfler

October 4, 2015

Legendary musician and songwriter Mark Knopfler will celebrate the release of his new record, Tracker, due March 17 on Verve Records, with a 36-city North American tour that kicks off in Vancouver on September 10 and continues through the end of October.

Says Knopfler, ‘Part of the fun is thinking what you might have a go at, for a new tour. For me, that’s part of the joy of it, getting that little crew together again, and setting sail once again. It’s a real adventure.’ Knopfler has always viewed touring as the final part of the process running from songwriting through recording and ending up on the road performing old and new songs. He now writes more music while actually on the road. ‘The songs ‘Lights of Taormina’ and ‘Silver Eagle’ came into being partly through my trips in Europe and the U.S. with Bob Dylan.’ Tracker marks the 8th solo recording from Knopfler, who Rolling Stone praises as one of the ‘100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.’

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An Evening With Graham Nash


July 29, 2015

Legendary singer-songwriter Graham Nash will perform at the Michigan Theater as part of a series of “An Evening With” concerts throughout the United States in July and August 2015. Shane Fontayne (guitar, vocals) will be accompanying Graham Nash on the road.  “I’m really looking forward to an evening of music, stretching back 50 years, and coming round to today with all it’s blessings and problems,” says Nash, “a splendid time is guaranteed for all.” Nash will continue his long-time tradition of raising money for charity through the Guacamole Fund’s special benefit seats; in addition, he will be donating $1 per ticket sold to charity.

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Los Lobos

Los Lobos

May 22, 2015

Grammy Award winners Los Lobos are known for the Mexican-influenced rock that burst them to stardom in 1987, when their covers of “Come On Let’s Go” and the titular track for the Ritchie Valens biopic La Bamba took over the airwaves. The band is far more musically versatile than that, however, with a sound the reflects their East L.A. roots and is grounded in rock & roll, R&B and Tejano.

In addition to their continued presence on film soundtracks (including a Bob Dylan cover for the film I’m Not There) Los Lobos has released over a dozen critically-acclaimed albums, most recently Disconnected in New York City in 2013.

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An Evening with Roger McGuinn

Roger McGuinnMay 16, 2015

A founding member of the pioneering 1960’s folk-rock band, The ByrdsRoger McGuinn was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1991, along with fellow band members David Crosby and Chris Hillman.

His distinguished vocals and rich, melodic guitar style turned songs like “Turn Turn Turn,” “Eight Miles High” and “Mr. Tambourine Man” into Top Ten hits and cemented his place in rock and roll history.

The Byrds combined the melodic, upbeat pop of the Beatles with the message-oriented lyrics of Bob Dylan to create a new amalgam that would become known as folk-rock. They, in turn, served as a huge influence on the Eagles, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, and later R.E.M.

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Rubber Soul & Magical Mystery Tour performed by the Fab Faux

Fab FauxApril 18, 2015 

Following their  successes in 2011, 12, 13  and 14, The Fab Faux will return to the Michigan Theater! This time they will perform both Rubber Soul AND Magical Mystery Tour in their entirety. The concert will include the rockers, the ballads, and everything in between.

The group includes outstanding New York studio musicians – and lifelong Beatles fans – Will Lee (bassist in David Letterman’s band), Jimmy Vivino (guitarist and music director of Conan O’Brien’s band), drummer/producer Rich Pagano, guitarist Frank Agnello and ace keyboardist Jack Petruzzelli.

With a commitment to the accurate reproduction of The Beatles’ repertoire, The Fab Fauxtreat the seminal music with unwavering respect, and are known for their painstaking recreations of the songs (with emphasis on the later works never performed live by the Beatles). Far beyond a cover band, they play the music of The Beatles so impeccably that one must experience it to believe it. Imagine hearing complex material like “Strawberry Fields Forever” or “I Am the Walrus” performed in complete part-perfect renditions; or such harmony-driven songs as “Because”, “Nowhere Man”, and “Paperback Writer”, reproduced not only note-for-note, but with extra vocalists to achieve a double-tracked effect.


Buddy Guy

Buddy GuyMarch 18, 2015

Buddy Guy‘s impressive resume includes: 5 Grammy Awards, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, more Blues Music Awards (formerly known as W.C. Handy Awards) than any other blues artist in history, and Rolling Stone magazine ranking him among the”100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time” and his song “Stone Crazy” as one of the “100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time.”

Guy began his career in Chicago in the 1960′s as a studio session musician at the legendary Chess Records label where he backed dozen of blues musicians, including, Howlin’ Wolf and Muddy Waters. He grew to the forefront of the stage where his cutting electric guitar style and passionate vocals captured the attention of a growing number of rock musicians. Eric Clapton calls Buddy Guy “by far and without a doubt the best guitar player alive.” He is now considered a major guitar influence among blues and rock icons alike.

Special guest Ana Popovic is a 5x Blues Music Awards nominee who blends smoking electric funk slide guitar, jazzy instrumentals and tight blues groove with soulful feminine vocals. Her incredible stage presence makes her an irresistible force in the music world.

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Elvis Costello 

September 8, 2014

Elvis Costello’s ten “SOLO” 2014 tour dates in the mid-west and mid-south U.S. are the first time since 1999 (when touring with keyboardist Steve Nieve) that he’s headlined the area with such a stripped down setup. For the last several years, Costello has been playing about a month of solo dates in the U.S. a year, region by region. They are some of the most adventurous and lauded performances of his career — the last run in November 2013 was called “remarkable” (Esquire) and “exhilarating” (American Songwriter) — and they reflect the musician’s astonishing breadth of material.

In Los Angeles in 2012, the OC Register called Costello’s solo show “spellbinding” and said that Costello’s set list “touched on cornerstone numbers and obscurities of his own, but…also dipped back to pre-Elvis, pre-Beatles, pre-the-other-Elvis and prewar tunes that illustrated his familial roots in the riches of both the Great American Songbook and England’s dance hall and music theater traditions.”

In November, 2013, the DCist pointed out that “It’d be tough to name another songwriter who’s produced as much original material over the last 35 years, and it’s impossible to name another who mines his back catalog as equitably onstage. Most artists have only a handful of songs they’ll ever play from any particular album. With Elvis, any tune he’s ever released is fair game.” The Washington Post wrote that “Costello showed that real rockers don’t need amplification or sound processors to rock out.”

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June 1, 2014

15-time Grammy Award-winning blues guitarist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee B.B. King has defined the blues for a worldwide audience for more than half a century. Since he started recording in the 1940s, he has released over fifty albums, many of them classics. Soon after his first number one hit, “3 O’Clock Blues,” in 1951, King and his guitar Lucille began touring and haven’t stopped since. He has performed at the Michigan Theater many times throughout his career, most recently in 2004.

Over the years, King has developed one of the world’s most identifiable guitar styles. He borrowed from Blind Lemon Jefferson, T-Bone Walker, and others, integrating his precise and complex vocal-like string bends and his left hand vibrato, both of which have become indispensable components of rock guitarist’s vocabulary. His economy, his every-note-counts phrasing, has been a model for thousands of players, from Eric Clapton and George Harrison to Jeff Beck. King has mixed traditional blues, jazz, swing, mainstream pop, and jump into a unique sound. In his words, “When I sing, I play in my mind; the minute I stop singing orally, I start to sing by playing Lucille.”



Revolver Performed by the Fab Faux

April 5, 2014FAB FAUX revolver_ART

Following their three successes in 2011, 12 and 13, The Fab Faux performed the Beatles’ album, Revolver, in its entirety. The concert included the rockers, the ballads, and everything in between.

The group includes outstanding New York studio musicians – and lifelong Beatles fans – Will Lee (bassist in David Letterman’s band), Jimmy Vivino (guitarist and music director of Conan O’Brien’s band), drummer/producer Rich Pagano, guitarist Frank Agnello and ace keyboardist Jack Petruzzelli.

With a commitment to the accurate reproduction of The Beatles’ repertoire, The Fab Faux treat the seminal music with unwavering respect, and are known for their painstaking recreations of the songs (with emphasis on the later works never performed live by the Beatles). Far beyond a cover band, they play the music of The Beatles so impeccably that one must experience it to believe it. Imagine hearing complex material like “Strawberry Fields Forever” or “I Am the Walrus” performed in complete part-perfect renditions; or such harmony-driven songs as “Because”, “Nowhere Man”, and “Paperback Writer”, reproduced not only note-for-note, but with extra vocalists to achieve a double-tracked effect.


Eric Burdon and The Animals

March 13, 2014

As the lead singer of the Animals, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer Eric Burdon was one of the British Invasion’s most distinctive vocalists, with a searingly powerful blues-rock voice. Hailed by Rolling Stone as one of the 100 Greatest Voices of All Time, Burdon is the voice behind a long string of iconic hits like “House of the Rising Sun”,  “Spill the Wine”, “San Franciscan Nights”, “Sky Pilot”, ”It’s My Life”,  ”Don’t Let Me Be Misunderst ood”, the Vietnam-era anthem ”We Gotta Get Out Of This Place”,  and many more.

A member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame since 1994, Burdon’s music forged new territory while also topping the charts for more than 5 decades. Highly prolific, Burdon has released nearly 50 records in 50 years, as front man of The Animals and WAR and simply as Eric Burdon.  Burdon has shared the stage with legends such as Chuck Berry, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Witherspoon and Otis Redding, and was recently cited by cutting edge musicians like Patti Smith and Iggy Pop in their personal top tens. As front man and driving force of the The Animals, Burdon helped shape rock and roll’s DNA.

Burdon continued through the years to perform with different iterations of the Animals, while also founding and fronting the funk group War, one of the first multiracial bands, and topped the charts again with his groundbreaking hit single “Spill the Wine”. In the following decades Burdon has continued to record and tour as a solo artist.

In 2012, he experienced an unexpected comeback when Bruce Springsteen made him a cornerstone of his keynote speech at South by Southwest. Burdon joined Springsteen on-stage and was soon in demand. First, he recorded an EP with the Ohio-based garage rockers the Greenhornes, and then he devoted himself to the full-length “Til Your River Runs Dry”,  which made many critics’ Best of 2013 lists, including


Zappa Plays Zappa: Roxy & Elsewhere 40th Anniversary Tour 

February 19, 2014

Guitarist Dweezil Zappa has cocooned himself away in the studio this past year engineering his own metamorphosis. “In order for me to play my father’s music correctly I needed to understand the fundamentals of his music more thoroughly, which meant a lot of studying.” His goal was to emerge as a “better musician” as well as a “better guitarist.” The autodidactic Zappa utilized the fruits of his labor to startling effect on his first album project in more than six years – Go With What You Know – featuring a unique guitar rendition of the elder Zappa’s classic instrumental, Peaches En Regalia. “I actually played along with Frank’s guitar solo from the original ‘Hot Rats’ master tapes. He had dedicated that album to me since he was working on that around the time I was born. It’s cool to hear us playing together note for note in a stereo time machine.”



David Byrne & St. Vincent 

July 8, 2013

Love This Giant, the collaboration album between David Byrne and St. Vincent, features a big brass band and big beats. After a couple of semi-chance encounters, David Byrne and Annie Clark, who records and performs as St. Vincent, embarked upon a creative dialogue that has flourished over the last three years.

“In your life, you have never seen anything like it…their music is powerful as a fist. If you can possibly see this concert, you must.” – Huffington Post



The Fab Fauxfab faux

perform The White Album

April 13, 2013

Following their back-to-back successes in 2011 and 2012, The Fab Faux will return to the Michigan Theater! This time they will perform the Beatles’ self-titled masterpiece, also known as The White Album, in its entirety. The 30-song concert will include the rockers (“Back in the USSR,” “Helter Skelter”), the ballads (“While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” “Julia”) and everything in between (“Rocky Raccoon,” Birthday”). To achieve all the dazzling effects included on the album, the concert will feature the Hogshead Hornsand the Creme Tangerine Strings.

With a commitment to the accurate reproduction of The Beatles’ repertoire, The Fab Fauxtreat the seminal music with unwavering respect, and are known for their painstaking recreations of the songs (with emphasis on the later works never performed live by the Beatles). Far beyond a cover band, they play the music of The Beatles so impeccably that one must experience it to believe it. Imagine hearing complex material like “Strawberry Fields Forever” or “I Am the Walrus” performed in complete part-perfect renditions; or such harmony-driven songs as “Because”, “Nowhere Man”, and “Paperback Writer”, reproduced not only note-for-note, but with extra vocalists to achieve a double-tracked effect.

The group includes outstanding New York studio musicians – and lifelong Beatles fans – Will Lee (bassist in David Letterman’s band), Jimmy Vivino (guitarist and music director of Conan O’Brien’s band), drummer/producer Rich Pagano, guitarist Frank Agnello and ace keyboardist Jack Petruzzelli.

The Fab Faux’s Official Website.



Blues at the Crossroads 2Blues at the Crossroads 2:

Muddy and the Wolf

Saturday, February 9

Following the hugely popular Robert Johnson Centennial Concert, Blues at the Crossroads returns to celebrate the two blues legends, Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf. Both musicians vie for the honor of the “father of modern Chicago Blues” and both are considered the key bluesmen inspiring Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, John Mayall, Eric Clapton and others who brought about the 1960′s British blues explosion. Though friends, Muddy & The Wolf were rivals for the top slot, and this spurred on both to outdo the other and create classics of the genre, including “Spoonful,” “Mannish Boy,” “Rolling Stone,” and “Smokestack Lightning.” The Fabulous Thunderbirds with Kim Wilson anchor the tribute, backing James Cotton, Bob Margolin, Tinsley Ellis and Jody Williams.


Joe Jackson & the Bigger BandJoe Jackson

Featuring Regina Carter

September 27, 2012

Joe Jackson‘s touring band included Regina Carter on violin, long-time Jackson collaborator, percussionist Sue Hadjopoulos, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Allison CornellJesse Murphy on bass, Adam Rogers on guitar, and Nate Smith on drums.

The show included music from Joe’s new album The Duke (Joe’s unique interpretations of Duke Ellington classics) and original songs taken from throughout Joe’s own 30-year writing and recording career, from Look Sharp to Rain.

More information at



The Fab Fauxfab faux
perform Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

April 20, 2012

The Fab Faux are five of the hardest working musicians in NYC, whose musical virtuosity completely up-ends the concept of a Beatles tribute band. With a commitment to the accurate reproduction of The Beatles’ repertoire, The Fab Faux treat the seminal music with unwavering respect, and are known for their painstaking recreations of the songs (with emphasis on the  later works never performed live by the Beatles).

As Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke wrote, “the Faux invigorate the artistry of even the Beatles’ most intricate studio masterpieces with top chops and Beatlemaniac glee.” Legendary critic and Sirius Radio host Dave Marsh agrees: “The Fab Faux have the hardest job in the history of R & R and they pull it off damn well. All rock bands want to be like the Beatles; these guys have the nerve to BE the Beatles. Amazingly, they’re so good at it you learn new things about the originals.”

The Fab Faux’s Official Website.



Levon HelmLevon Helm

March 19, 2012

Surrounded by family and friends, Helm died on April 19, 2012, at 1:30 pm at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York, one month after his appearance at the Michigan Theater.

The longtime drummer for the Band, Levon Helm has worn many musical hats throughout his long career, including multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, singer, impresario, studio owner, and producer.

In Mr. Helm’s drumming, muscle, swing, economy and finesse were inseparably merged. His voice held the bluesy, weathered and resilient essence of his Arkansas upbringing in the Mississippi Delta.

Helm was the American linchpin of the otherwise Canadian group that became Bob Dylan’s backup band and then the Band. Its own songs, largely written by the Band’s guitarist, Robbie Robertson, and pianist, Richard Manuel, spring from roadhouse, church, backwoods, river and farm; they are rock-ribbed with history and tradition yet hauntingly surreal.

After the Band broke up in 1976, Mr. Helm continued to perform at every opportunity, working with a partly reunited Band and leading his own groups. He also acted in films, notably “Coal Miner’s Daughter” (1980). In the 2000s he became a roots-music patriarch, turning his barn in Woodstock — which had been a recording studio since 1975 — into the home of down-home, eclectic concerts called Midnight Rambles, which led to tours and Grammy-winning albums. –



Pat MethenyPat Metheny

October 2, 2011

One of the most original guitarists from the ‘80s onward, Pat Metheny is a chance-taking player who has gained great popularity but also taken some wild left turns.

Metheny released What’s It All About, in June of 2011, his second solo acoustic guitar recording. Unlike any other entry in his large catalog, the set was comprised entirely of covers of pop songs by contemporary songwriters (from Paul Simon and Lennon & McCartney to Antonio Carlos Jobim and Burt Bacharach & Hal David) that that have continued to hold meaning for him throughout his career.

Pat Metheny’s Official Website.


Jackson BrowneJackson Browne

April 20, 2011

Jackson Browne was the quintessential Californian singer/songwriter of the early ’70s. Only Joni Mitchell and James Taylor rank alongside him in terms of influence. While the majority of his classic ’70s work was unflinchingly personal, it nevertheless provided a touchstone for a generation of maturing baby boomers coming to terms with adulthood. The late ’70s and early ’80s were the peak years in terms of popularity, as each of his albums charted in the Top Ten. However, he has never stopped creating profoundly relevant music, including a strong political protest element that has kept his music vital to his loyal audience for over 40 years.

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Iggy and the StoogesA Tribute to Ron Asheton

featuring Iggy and the Stooges

April 19, 2011

Born and bred here in Ann Arbor, the Stooges performed their first gig at the Michigan Union on Halloween night 1967. They were signed to Elektra Records in 1968 and broke onto the national scene in with a vengeance in 1969 with their debut album, The Stooges. Produced by Velvet Underground bassist John Cale, the album featured songs like “I Wanna Be Your Dog” and “1969,” that were raw and primal. Equal parts fury and pure joy, the music tapped into the zeitgeist of a new, post-hippie generation of disaffected youth and laid the foundation for the emergence of punk rock in the 1970s. The original lineup consisted of vocalist Iggy (James Osterberg), guitarist Ron Asheton, bassist Dave Alexander and drummer Scott Asheton. Like the Velvets, the Stooges revealed the grimy underside of sex, drugs and rock & roll. During the late ’60s and early ’70s, the Stooges were an underground sensation, but they were too dangerous to break into the mainstream. The band’s second album, Funhouse, was produced by Don Galucci (who produced the original “Louie Louie” by the Kingsmen) in 1970. The record featured saxophonist Steve Mackay and took the band’s music to new levels of weirdness. In its review, Rolling Stone asked “Do you long to have your mind blown open so wide that it will take weeks for you to pick up the little, bitty pieces? ….Then by all means, you simply must come visit the Stooges’ Funhouse.”

Soon afterwards, Ron Asheton moved over to the bass and James Williamson joined as guitarist. Early in 1972, David Bowie helped the band to land a contract with Columbia Records, and he guided the production of the group’s third album, Raw Power, in 1973.

Over the next 30 years, Iggy and the Asheton brothers went in different directions. Iggy released two Bowie-produced solo projects, The Idiot and Lust for Life, in 1977. James Williamson produced later albums New Values (1979) and Soldier (1980).

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Jeff Beck and  The Imelda May BandJeff Beck

and The Imelda May Band

March 31, 2011

Over the course of his five-decade career, Jeff Beck has proven himself one of music’s most versatile, skilled and influential guitarists, making important contributions to rock, heavy metal, jazz and even electronic music. Beck found his first work as a musician playing with Screaming Lord Sutch and the Tridents in the early ’60s. In 1965, Beck joined the Yardbirds, replacing lead guitarist Eric Clapton. After a two-year stint with the Yardbirds, Beck formed a new band, The Jeff Beck Group, featuring vocalist Rod Stewart. The group’s gritty, rough sound helped pave the way for future hard rock/heavy metal bands. By the mid-’70s, Beck had changed directions musically, recording the ground-breaking jazz-fusion albums Blow By Blow and Wired (in collaboration with keyboardist Jan Hammer). Beck reemerged in the ’80s with There and Back and Flash, featuring the Grammy Award-winning track “Escape.” Beck won another Grammy for Best Rock Instrumental with his 1989 release Jeff Beck’s Guitar Shop with Terry Bozzio and Tony Hymas. In the early ’90s Beck released Crazy Legs, a tribute to rockabilly singer Gene Vincent and guitarist Cliff Gallup, followed by Who Else! in 1999. The song “Dirty Mind” from the 2001 album You Had It Coming won Beck his third Grammy. On the 2003 release Jeff, Beck continued to break new ground, collaborating with trip-hop artist David Torn, the electronic group Apollo 440 and a 40-piece orchestra.

Following these releases, Beck will take the “Rock And Roll Party” on the road for a short U.S. tour. Beck will once again be backed by The Imelda May Band and its enchanting singer Imelda May, who joined Beck on stage at the 2010 Grammy® Awards for a spot-on rendition of Paul’s “How High The Moon.”

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fab fauxThe Fab Faux

Perform Abbey Road

March 19, 2011

With a commitment to the accurate reproduction of The Beatles’ repertoire, The Fab Faux treat the seminal music with unwavering respect, and are known for their painstaking recreations of the songs (with emphasis on the later works never performed live by the Beatles). Far beyond a cover band, they play the music of The Beatles so impeccably that one must experience it to believe it.

The musical virtuosity of The Fab Faux – in actuality five of the hardest working musicians in NYC – completely up-ends the concept of a Beatles tribute band. Band members consist of Will Lee (bassist for David Letterman’s band), Jimmy Vivino (guitarist for Conan O’Brien’s band), Rich Pagano, Frank Agnello and Jack Petruzzelli.

Calling them, “the greatest Beatles cover band – without the wigs,” Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke wrote, “the Faux invigorate the artistry of even the Beatles’ most intricate studio masterpieces with top chops and Beatlemaniac glee.” Approaching the songs with the intent of playing them live as accurately in musical reading and in spirit as possible, The Faux’s breathtaking performances tend to dispel all concert goers’ previous notions of a Beatles tribute act.

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Ian Anderson of Jethro TullIan Anderson of Jethro Tull

October 27, 2010

Ian Anderson, known throughout the world of rock music as the flute and voice behind the legendary Jethro Tull, celebrated his 40th year as a recording and performing musician in 2008. Widely recognized as the man who introduced the flute to rock music, Ian Anderson remains the crowned exponent of the popular and rock genres of flute playing. So far, no pretender to the throne has stepped forward. Ian also plays ethnic flutes and whistles together with acoustic guitar and the mandolin family of instruments, providing the acoustic textures which are an integral part of most of the Jethro Tull repertoire. Anderson has so far recorded four diverse solo albums in his career: 1983’s “Walk Into Light”, the flute instrumental “Divinities” album for EMI’s Classical Music Division in 1995 which reached number one in the relevant Billboard chart, and the more recently recorded acoustic collections of songs, “The Secret Language of Birds”, and “Rupi’s Dance”.

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Dave Mason & Leon RussellDave Mason & Leon Russell

May 6, 2010

Dave Mason is one of classic rock’s most underrated artists. The versatile singer, composer, and guitarist co-founded the seminal jazz/jam rock group Traffic in 1967 and proceeded to contribute some of the band’s biggest songs, including “Feelin’ Alright,” “Shouldn’t Have Took More than You Gave,” and “You Can All Join In.” His solo career has included collaborations with Mama Cass Elliott, Delaney & Bonnie and Derek & the Dominos, and has included songs like “Only You Know and I Know,” World in Changes” and many more. In 2004, Dave Mason was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Traffic with bandmates Steve Winwood, Jim Capaldi, and (posthumously) Chris Wood. Leon Russell has been described by artists from Elvis Costello to Elton John as one of rock’s most influential forces: a veritable musician’s musician who has repeatedly demonstrated his abilities as an outstanding songwriter, performer and producer. With his unique singing style and keyboard wizardry, his career includes such gems as “Delta Lady,” “This Masquerade,” “Song for You” and “Tight Rope.” He was recruited by George Harrison for the Concert for Bangla Desh in 1971 and his “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” medley was among the highlights of that legendary event.

Presented by The Ark.  Dave Mason’s website.  Leon Russell’s website.



Mark KnopflerMark Knopfler

with special guest Pieta Brown

April 27, 2010

A four-time Grammy winner, Mark Knopfler has sold 118 million albums as a solo artist and as the front man of the legendary Eighties’ band Dire Straits. Famous for his scorching guitar in concert, Mark Knopfler plays solo favorites from albums such as the top twenty “All the Road Running” as well as Dire Straits classics like “Money for Nothing.”

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Ray DaviesRay Davies

with special guests The 88

March 11, 2010

Called rock’s most “witty and insightful songwriter” when inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of The Kinks, the legendary Ray Davies is the man behind the classics “You Really Got Me” and “Lola.” Now an acclaimed solo artist, Ray Davies plays solo favorites as well as a healthy dose of Kinks’ classics during his unforgettable concerts.

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Neville BrothersThe Neville Brothers

with Dr. John & The Lower 911

February 17, 2010

Throughout their long careers as both solo performers and as members of the group that bore their family name, the Neville Brothers proudly carried the torch of their native New Orleans’ rich R&B legacy. Although the four siblings — Arthur, Charles, Aaron, and Cyril — did not officially unite under the Neville Brothers aegis until 1977, all had crossed musical paths in the past, while also enjoying success with other unrelated projects

Dr. John is universally celebrated as the living embodiment of the rich musical heritage exclusive to New Orleans. His very colorful musical career began in the 1950s when he wrote and played guitar on some of the greatest records to come out of the Crescent City, including recordings by Professor Longhair, Art Neville, Joe Tex and Frankie Ford. Dr. John garnered Grammy award wins in 1989, 1992, 1996 and 2000.

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Mavis StaplesMavis Staples

November 10, 2009

Born in 1940 in Chicago, most of Mavis Staples’ career has been as lead singer for the Staple Singers. She first recorded solo for Stax subsidiary Volt in 1969. Subsequent efforts included a Curtis Mayfield-produced soundtrack on Curtom, a disappointing nod to disco for Warner in 1979, a misguided stab at electro-pop with Holland-Dozier-Holland in 1984, and an uneven album for Paisley Park. Staples has a rich contralto voice that has neither the range of Aretha Franklin nor the power of Patti LaBelle. Her otherworldly power comes instead from a masterful command of phrasing and a deep-seated sensuality expressed through timbre manipulation. Both the Staple Singers and Mavis found fresh audiences stemming from their participation on the CD Rhythm Country and Blues, and in 1996 she issued Spirituals & Gospel: Dedicated to Mahalia Jackson. Her next recording project didn’t land for another eight years, although Have a Little Faith on Alligator became her highest-profile release in years. We’ll Never Turn Back appeared three years later in 2007.

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Tower of PowerTower of Power

with Lydia Pense and Cold Blood

June 18, 2009

With almost 40 years of recording and touring experience behind them, renowned horn-driven funk outfit Tower of Power melds jazz, funk, rock and soul in a way no group ever has. Well known in the 70s for tunes such as “You’re Still a Young Man,” “What is Hip?” and “Don’t Change Horses (in the Middle of a Stream),” Tower of Power is experiencing a renaissance, touring most of every year and packing venues around the world with its audience of new and old fans. Over the past few years Tower of Power has added new members and a fresh outlook, but the band has always remained true to itself and to its soul music roots, never failing to please audiences. As a reviewer from the Fort Worth Star Telegram recently wrote, “If you see someone sitting still at a Tower of Power concert, don’t bother checking their pulse — they’re already dead!”

Cold Blood’s funky hybrid of soul and rock possesses in Lydia Pense a voice reminiscent of Janis Joplin, who personally recommended them to rock impresario Bill Graham, leading to their record deal on Graham’s San Francisco label. They released a number of outstanding albums, including their self-titled debut, “Sisyphus” and “First Taste of Sin.” They disbanded in the mid-70s but reformed in the late 90s. Sounding better than ever, they have re-established themselves as a top draw in the Bay Area.

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The PretendersThe Pretenders

February 9, 2009

Over nearly 30 years, pop-punk luminary and raucous frontwoman Chrissie Hynde’s tried and true dedication to music’s creation has kept her perennially underappreciated Pretenders alive and able to turn out multi-faceted new wave sonic stylings. After releasing this year’s triumphant return to form, Break Up the Concrete, Hynde and her Pretenders are ready to embark on their first headlining tour in six years.

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Brian WilsonBrian Wilson

November 12, 2008

Brian Wilson is one of popular music’s most deeply revered figures, the main creative force behind some of the most cherished recordings in rock history. From his groundbreaking work with the Beach Boys to his critically-acclaimed solo albums, it is no exaggeration to call Brian Wilson one of the most influential composers of the last century.

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David ByrneDavid Byrne

Songs of David Byrne and Brian Eno

October 24, 2008

Best known for his groundbreaking tenure fronting the new wave group Talking Heads, David Byrne’s solo work was no less adventurous, encroaching upon such diverse media as world music, filmmaking, and performance art. Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is the title of the upcoming second album made in collaboration between David Byrne and Brian Eno, scheduled to be released on August 18, 2008 through the official album website. It is the first collaboration between the two since 1981’s My Life in the Bush of Ghosts and Eno’s work producing Talking Heads. The concert will feature David Byrne playing songs from the new album as well as music from their previous collaborations.

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John SebastianJohn Sebastian & Roger McGuinn

August 8, 2008

John Sebastian and Roger McGuinn, best known for the influential bands they played with in the 1960s, will perform together as part of our Legends of Rock & Roll series. John Sebastian has had a varied career as a singer, songwriter, and musician. As the leader of the folk-rock band the Lovin’ Spoonful, he was responsible for a string of Top Ten hits in 1965-1967 that included the chart-toppers “Daydream” and “Summer in the City,” and he returned to number one in 1976 as a solo artist with “Welcome Back.” The Lovin’ Spoonful was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000. As the frontman of the Byrds, Roger McGuinn and his trademark 12-string Rickenbacker guitar pioneered folk-rock and, by extension, country-rock, influencing everyone from contemporaries like the Beatles to acolytes like Tom Petty and R.E.M. in the process. With a career that includes hits like “Mr. Tambourine Man,” “Turn, Turn, Turn,” and “Eight Miles High,” it’s easy to see why the Byrds were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1991.

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May 6, 2008

An American original; WAR was the first and most successful musical crossover phenomenon that forever fused rock, jazz, Latin, and R&B, while transcending racial and cultural barriers with a multi- ethnic line-up; a musical melting pot and an enduring influence that has sold over 50 million records to date. Hits include “Low Rider,” “Spill the Wine,” “The Cisco Kid,” “Why Can’t We Be Friends” and “Slippin’ Into Darkness.” Today, WAR is a permanent part of America’s pop cultural landscape. A touring act that performs 150 shows a year and whose catalog of timeless hits permeate our everyday lives.

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Mitch RyderMitch Ryder

and the Detroit Wheels

March 22, 2008

Born in 1945 in Hamtramck, Mitch Ryder has made more than two dozen albums and given upward of 8,000 performances. Some of his earliest gigs were in Greenwich Village clubs, singing with a black trio in the early days of the civil rights movement, jamming with Jimi Hendrix, and attending private parties thrown by the Beatles. Who can forget Mitch’s tear-the-place-down versions of “Devil with a Blue Dress On/Good Golly Miss Molly” and “Jenny Take a Ride” or his immortal cover of Lou Reed’s “Rock & Roll,” that Reed has called the “definitive version?” Powerful vocals and memorable live appearances have been his trademark for 47 years in the music business.

The performance will celebrate Ryder’s long career and the release of a new biography, “It Was All Right: Mitch Ryder’s Life in Music,” by Detroit area author and reporter James A. Mitchell, to be published in April by WSU Press. In place of an opening act, Mitch Ryder will be interviewed live on stage by noted rock journalist Gary Graff. Books will be available for sale the night of the show or in advance by calling WSU Press (800-978-7323) or online at

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Patti SmithPatti Smith

August 2, 2007

Punk rock’s poet laureate, Patti Smith ranks among the most influential female rock & rollers of all time. Ambitious, unconventional, and challenging, Smith’s music is hailed as the most exciting fusion of rock and poetry since Bob Dylan’s heyday. If that hybrid remained distinctly non-commercial, it isn’t a statement against accessibility so much as the simple fact that Smith follows her own muse wherever it takes her – from structured rock songs to free-form experimentalism. She is a powerful concert presence, singing and chanting her lyrics in an untrained but expressive voice, whirling around the stage like an ecstatic shaman delivering incantations.

Smith is an icon to generations of female rockers. She never relied on sex appeal for her success – she is unabashedly intellectual and creatively uncompromising, and her appearance is lean, hard, and androgynous. She also never makes an issue of her gender, calling attention to herself as an artist, not a woman; she simply dresses and performs in the spirit of her aggressive, male rock role models, as if no alternative had ever occurred to her. In the process, she obliterates the expectations of what is possible for women in rock, and stretches the boundaries of how artists of any gender can express themselves. (Description by Steve HueyAll Media Guide)

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Little RichardLittle Richard

May 19, 2007

Little Richard is a true musical pioneer, whose significance remains nearly unrivaled. When the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame opened in 1986, he was honored as one of the elite charter group of inductees, along with Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Sam Cooke, Fats Domino, the Everly Brothers, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis and Elvis Presley. These are the crème de la crème, the very architects of the music.More than any performer other than Elvis, Little Richard blew the lid off the 50s, laying the foundation for rock and roll with his explosive music and charismatic persona. His frantically charged piano playing and raspy, shouted vocals defined the dynamic sound of rock and roll. He released a stunning succession of records in the late 50s, including such classics as “Tutti Frutti,” “Long Tall Sally,” “Good Golly, Miss Molly” “Rip It Up,” “Slippin’ and Slidin’,” “Lucille,” “Jenny Jenny,” “Kansas City” and “Keep a Knockin’.”

His influence can be clearly witnessed in a wide variety of artists ever since, from the Beatles (Paul McCartney in particular) and the Rolling Stones to James Brown and later, Elton John and Prince. It was James Brown who credited him with first putting the funk in the rock and roll beat.

Little Richard remains an active performer and icon – and an inimitable reminder of the joyful frenzy that galvanized rock and roll into being almost fifty years ago.

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